Custom Homes

Whether you're dream is a sleek and modern dwelling, or a cozy addition to your craftsman bungalow, CJA can meet your needs.  We view our homes as a partnership with the owner, and walk with you through every step of the process.  The result is a highly personal, sustainable, and enjoyable new home.

Townhouses & Live/Work

We know townhouses.
Be it a live/work project, complex platting situation, or a straightforward townhouse solution, we consistently help our developers deliver successful projects.  Our substantial experience designing podium and structured parking solutions allows us to make projects work on sites that others just can't.


Density is key in creating successful urban environments.  We carefully study each site to deliver maximum buildable area and seek to simplify the design of structure and systems, resulting in added value to the developer.  We believe that form and materials should create a strong sense of place and connect with prospective residents, all while successfully engaging the neighborhood.

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Feasibility Studies

Working with developers and realtors to analyze a property, we dig deep into the zoning code, site factors, and neighborhood conditions to establish the potential for development.  We seek to find the highest use and development possible, instead of the quick or easy solution.  These studies can typically be produced within a few days.

Next Steps...

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